James Gandolfini, The Sopranos
Credit: Tony: Abbot Genser

Reason #47 Why Martha is Required Viewing at PopWatch HQ: Sometimes the celebrity guests let slip some truly valuable knowledge — and not just about something like making trivets out of pinecones.

When Martha asked today’s guest, Lorraine Bracco, if she could score an invite this March to the splashy premiere that HBO traditionally throws for The Sopranos each season, Bracco replied that there would be no premiere this time because something really big happens in the first episode, so big that the producers decided against any advance screenings. Then Bracco caught herself and returned to the usual Sopranos cast policy of omerta.

What do you suppose will happen in that first episode next March? (In case you’ve forgotten, Season 5 ended with Tony’s reconciliation with Johnny Sack interrupted by a federal bust that saw Johnny taken into custody and Tony fleeing into the woods. Read our recap of that episode here.) Will the season open with Meadow’s wedding? Or will someone get whacked? And if so, who? Speculate away, PopWatchers!

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