Okay, everybody, I know what you’re going to say. You’ve already got too many shows to handle on Wednesday nights, what with America’s Next Top Model, Lost, Veronica Mars, and now Project Runway premiering tonight.

But if your DVR can handle the strain, please be advised that from 9-10 p.m. EDT, HBO Signature is rolling out a subtitled version of Epitafios, an acclaimed Spanish-language miniseries about a serial killer that ran on HBO Latino earlier this year. Critics are lovin’ it (ba-da, dah, dah, dah) like McDonalds: The Houston Chronicle says that calling Epitafios a small-screen version of Silence of the Lambs ”only hints at this drama’s greatness”; the Miami Herald says it’s ”a dark, dreadful joy”; the Washington Post calls it ”as gripping as its murders are ghastly.”

And hey, if (like me) you’re so consumed with fear that hateful Bre might steal Nik’s ANTM crown that you can’t begin to contemplate Epitafios‘ unique horrors tonight, you can always catch it on demand.