Ben Foster, X-Men: The Last Stand
Credit: X-Men 3: 20th Century Fox

I wouldn’t care if you told me it’s directed by the guy who made Glitter (though it’s actually the much-maligned Brett Ratner), the new teaser for X3 looks pretty darn enticing. True, there’s not a whole lot to go on, but the mere sight of Wolverine, Storm (sporting a fetching new ‘do), and Jean Grey (or should I say Phoenix?) makes me forget there’s icky, gray slush on the ground, and fast-forwards me right into summer blockbuster season. Not only that, but the awesome sight of Six Feet Under‘s Ben Foster (completely unrecognizable here, left) unfurling his wings as Angel is enough to counteract the fact that my least favorite character, ho-hum Cyclops, is back for the third installment in the X-Men series, due May 26, 2006.

But that’s just my opinion. What’s your take on the first look at X3?

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