Excellent, as Simpsons fatcat Montgomery Burns (No. 5) might say.

The number-crunchers at Forbes have figured out who the 15 wealthiest fictional characters are. Not too many surprises, though I was disappointed to learn that J.R. Ewing and Charles Foster Kane fell off the list since it was last compiled three years ago. (Newcomers include Jed Clampett, Lara Croft, and Lucius Malfoy. Congrats!)
A few quibbles, though: Santa Claus (No. 1) is fictional? How does Richie Rich (No. 3), a minor with little legal control over his own pursestrings, rank higher than Scrooge McDuck (No. 6). And has anyone at Forbes seen the recent adaptation of Pride and Prejudice? Mr. Bingley has a house the size of New Jersey, while Mr. Darcy has a mansion so jam-packed with objets d’art that it makes Kane’s Xanadu look like a tool shed. C’mon, Forbes, your list already has a severe Anglophile tilt (five of the 15 live in England), so why not these guys? Next time, look beyond the usual suspects.

I’m sure PopWatch readers can think of many worthy gazillionaires who’ve been ignored by this list.

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