Tired of reading rankings of Hollywood big shots in power lists like the ones published in outlets like, um, EW? The antidote is at Film Threat, publisher of the annual Frigid 50, a list of Hollywood noteworthies who, through their self-sabotaging behavior, have done the most damage to their careers in the last year. Naturally, Tom Cruise is No. 1. (Let’s be fair, guys, when Mission: Impossible 3 flops, then you can say his couch-jumping, sonogram-machine-buying antics have harmed his career, but ’til then, shuddup.)

I won’t argue with the top-10 placement of Tom Sizemore, Jennifer Lopez, and Russell Crowe, but does someone like Dakota Fanning even belong on this list? As Defamer has already noted, she’s not just a power tot, she’s one of Hollywood’s most powerful actresses. At least Film Threat offers career advice to each of its victims.

Still, PopWatchers, are these really the 50 names most in need of career rehab, or can you think of others?

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