King Kong (Movie - 2005)
Credit: King Kong Premiere: Dimitrios Kambouris/

Last night’s King Kong premiere was an event fit for, well, a king. Universal rented out 34 theaters in Times Square (not to mention trotted out a 20-foot-tall Kong replica, left with the cast), and managed to screen the 3-hour, 7-minute adventure epic for 8,000 people. To keep the press amused while waiting for the red-carpet arrivals (and perhaps to distract them from the unexpected, periodic power outages), Universal reps passed out electronic Kong Arms to anyone who wanted them. Almost every member of the cast walked the carpet, including Colin Hanks (whose suit lapel bore a New Zealand flag pin), Kyle Chandler, Jack Black, Jamie Bell, Evan Parke, Adrien Brody (who wore a bejeweled ape on a silver chain around his neck), Naomi Watts, and of course, Jackson, who kept a firm grip on his “date” for the evening: a metal armature of the original 1933 Kong.

Also making (brief) appearances on the carpet were George Lucas, Will Ferrell, Glenn Close, Tim Robbins, and Donald Trump.

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