Fear Chamber

In his last movie to be released, Boris Karloff literally phones in his performance: Dying of emphysema, the legendary Frankenstein star filmed scenes in bed and from behind a desk in a Hollywood studio while the rest of the cast ran around cheap sets in Mexico City. Fear Chamber was one of four quickies shot simultaneously in 1968, with Jack Hill (Spider Baby) handling Stateside directing and Juan Ibañez behind the camera south of the border. The plot is one of grade-Z psychotronic purity, involving ”geo-biology” professor Karloff discovering an intelligent rock that feeds on the fear-soaked blood of tortured Mexican strippers. In the Igor role, Beirute channels James Cameron (”I’m da ging of da wurld!”). EXTRAS Director’s commentary in which Hill strenuously denies he had anything to do with the torture scenes; deleted nude scene.

Fear Chamber
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