Michael Chiklis, Fantastic Four
Credit: Fantastic: Kerry Hayes

I had a kidney infection during this scene,” Jessica Alba remarks on the Fantastic Four commentary. Oh yeah? What about the audience? We had migraines. The long-awaited movie version of Marvel Comics’ prize property was a box office bonanza but it remains a noisy, silly affair, with none of the pop grandeur of Batman Begins or the X-Men films. EXTRAS The disc gives you Alba’s video diary of the press tour, a few music videos, and pro forma making-of shorts. Better is the cast commentary commandeered by life-of-the-party Michael Chiklis; the more we hear him say ”I love this scene because I wasn’t in latex,” the less we hear Alba say ”What is it like to be on fire? How cool would that be?” There are also three deleted scenes, including one where Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd) briefly morphs into Wolverine. He wishes.

Fantastic Four (2005)
2005 movie
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  • 106 minutes