Kelsey Grammer, X-Men: The Last Stand
Credit: X-Men 3: 20th Century Fox

USA Today has an early look at next year’s X3, the third and probably last X-Men movie. The article offers some reassurance that the story is as thoughtful as the first two (there’s a mild spoiler describing the plot), and some half-hearted defense of new director (and fanboy punching bag) Brett Ratner — fans would have complained no matter who we hired to fill Bryan Singer’s chair, says Marvel boss Avi Arad, throwing up his hands. Best of all, there’s a gallery of pics, including a fierce-looking Kelsey Grammer as Beast, Ben Foster as the white-winged Angel, and Halle Berry, with a short new ‘do, returning as Storm. (Keep an eye out, by the way, for the new X3 trailer, due online later today.)

Are you counting down the days to X3‘s May 26 release? Or have you X’d the franchise off your summer moviegoing schedule?

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