(Hasbro, $19.99)
Credit: The Brady Bunch: Everett Collection

Holiday Gift Guide: Shout About TV

THE BACKSTORY Split up into two teams, pour some drinks, and scream out answers to questions about TV shows (including The Brady Bunch, pictured). The team with the most points at the end of the game wins — that is, if everybody hasn’t lost their voices by then.

GIVE IT TO… Anyone who got a kick out of its predecessor, last year’s Shout About Movies. (Also available now: Shout About Music and Shout About Country Music.)

FINAL SCORE It’s harder and more frustrating than Shout About Movies (just try remembering a TV actor’s name under pressure!), but also hysterically fun. Unfortunately, there are only three games per disc, so the merriment doesn’t last quite as long as you might like. B