(PS2 and Xbox; Majesco Sales Inc.; $49.88)

Holiday Gift Guide: Aeon Flux

THE BACKSTORY Tied to the action flick starring Oscar winner Charlize Theron, this videogame follows Aeon, a top operative in the underground rebellion in Bregna, the last city on Earth. Bonus points: Theron does Aeon’s voice work here, and a ticket to the movie (out Dec. 2) is included with the game.

GIVE IT TO… Fans of the cult-y source material, the animated shorts from MTV’s futuristic Liquid Television series. The goth in your family might also appreciate the bleak themes and black outfits.

FINAL SCORE Everything Aeon could do in the series, she can do in the game — run up walls, jump endless distances, and flip over large objects. The soundtrack’s pulsing techno beat adds to the compulsive quality of the game; stopping just isn’t an option. Those who’ve forgotten what the original series looked like are in luck: Bits of it are included in the intro sequence. A-

Aeon Flux
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