Armand and Albert, 'The Birdcage' (1996)
Credit: The Birdcage: Kobal Collection

Gay love stories on film: ”The Birdcage”

THE STORY Drag performer Albert (Nathan Lane, right) and club owner Armand (Robin Williams, left) disguise themselves as a straight couple when their son’s ultra-conservative future in-laws come to pay a visit.

WHY IT’S MEMORABLE The idea of a grown man asking his parents — a long-term, committed gay couple — to participate in such a self-loathing ruse borders on the fiendish. But that’s not to say the couple in question aren’t occasionally hilarious.

WHAT EW SAID ”Swanning about in his layered silk outfits (everything he wears looks like some fancy form of pajamas), flaunting his pinky rings, his fussily coiffed bangs, and his theatrical woe-is-me pouts, Albert the powder puff couldn’t be less intimidating. Yet in his ridiculous way, he forces you to accept him on his own Nellie terms.” A- (Read the review)