America's Next Top Model

One of the great injustices of the current TV season has to be that America’s Next Top Model contestant Kim (left) got eliminated before dreaded, ginormous-gummed Jayla. But if she’d won, who knows if the out lesbian would have felt free to give such candid, dishy interviews like the ones she granted this week to several gay media outlets. Among her more interesting revelations:

-She says she doesn’t think any of her fellow contestants were responsible for the infamous Granolagate incident, in which Bre‘s breakfast bars were pilfered. ”Maybe one of Bre’s other personalities ate it,” Kim tells The Advocate.

-She regrets talking badly about Lisa (the one who urinated in a diaper). ”She turned out to be one of the most genuine and good and funny and exhilarating people I have ever met,” Kim says in Planet Out. ”Lisa is the one person I completely misjudged.”

-And what did Kim make of “Miss” J. Alexander‘s regular grousing that she was too masculine? ”He is definitely someone who has a very unique gender-identity expression,” Kim says, ”and it really irked me that he was the one making the most comments and the harshest comments about my gender — when I thought if anyone should understand, it should be him.”

All I can say is this: Kim certainly knows how to give an interview. And while I don’t think she’ll ever quite cut it as a model, her Veronica Mars cameo makes me think a career as an actress is a realistic possibility.

How about you?