Credit: The Late Show with David Letterman: CBS

David Letterman got his wish last night: After a 16-year absence, Oprah Winfrey appeared on his CBS Late Show program. While Oprah insisted she has ”never for a moment had a feud” with Dave, she nonetheless brought a peace offering: No, not Brrrrrberry, but rather, an autographed photo of herself and Uma Thurman, the punch lines of Letterman’s ”Uma-Oprah” joke at the 1995 Oscars. The daytime talk show host didn’t walk away empty-handed either; she got great publicity for The Color Purple, the Broadway show she’s producing, when Letterman ended their interview by escorting her to the show’s red carpet opening just a block away. Overall, a charming, if not terribly controversial, sit-down.

What did you think of the Dave-Oprah summit?

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