Overheard at today’s PopWatch competitive quarters tournament, fondue party, and Yankee swap:

Editor1: so, did you read gillian’s review of “nip/tuck”?

Editor2: i did! D+ — ouch! It’s funny — the only reason why i started watching it was because she told me it was great! and now she’s trashing it!

Editor1: well, it has definitely changed — even you say not for the better

Editor2: still, i’m embarrassed to admit to her that i LOVE it! i need to get the first two seasons on dvd so i know the whole backstory

that paper-bag scene last week made me want to boil my television so it wouldn’t catch anything

Editor2: i feel that way every week — it’s what keeps me coming back!

Editor1: yeah, you’re totally obsessed. you talk about the show in every story meeting, like all crazy and wide-eyed: “so this TERRIBLE, AWFUL thing happened last night on ‘nip/tuck’ — let me tell you ALL ABOUT IT in vivid, gory detail…”

Editor2: i know; it’s a problem

Editor1: i remember the good ol’ days — when the son was circumcising himself

Editor2: ew! (gotta get those dvds)

Editor1: i know — i have to go boil myself now

Editor2: there’s hot oil in the fondue pot

Editor1: perfect!