Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

Letters from our readers

Plummer Parts

Thank you, EW, for your wonderful article on everyone’s favorite captain, Christopher Plummer (”Captain, Our Captain”)! I fell in love with Mr. Plummer at the tender young age of 6 thanks to his brooding (and sexy!) portrayal of the von Trapp family patriarch, but it has been his consistently intelligent character work that has kept my admiration at such heights. I recently had the privilege of seeing him perform the title character in King Lear and I will never forget his amazing intensity, focus, and sheer talent. I do hope he gets the chance to do comic roles like Volpone in the future — this man has many facets, and he’s only begun to show us what he’s capable of!
Livonia, Mich.

Motherly Love

In ”Reiner’s Reign,” Rob Reiner quotes his mother, Estelle, as saying, ”I don’t care if you cut it [her scene in When Harry Met Sally…] or not. I just want to spend the day with you.” And you thought her best line was ”I’ll have what she’s having.”
Rowland Heights, Calif.

A FRIEND in Need

Even though I am used to EW’s bashing of Joey, you are really taking your antipathy for this show to a new level by running a campaign for its cancellation (News & Notes). I accept your right to an opinion, but why sabotage a program that some of your readers may actually enjoy watching? There certainly are worse, and lower-rated, shows that are more deserving of your derision.
Studio City, Calif.

Into the ‘WEST’

Thanks for recognizing the superior quality of this season of The West Wing (News & Notes). The live debate was excellent, but you were correct that the NBC News logo was misguided. It was impossible to coerce my 80-year-old grandmother to go to bed. She said she wanted to ”hear the candidates address the issues.” She’ll be voting for Jimmy Smits.
Piedmont, S.C.

Cornering ‘Office’

Okay, i’ll answer your question about The Office (The Must List): ”So, tell us again why you’re not watching?” Um, because it’s a pale imitation of the brilliant British original? Because Steve Carell can’t hold a candle to Ricky Gervais? Because the writing stinks and there’s an air of artificiality to it that the original avoided?
Hope Mills, N.C.

Buffy’s Backstory

As the WB executive who approved the cast of Buffy, I’m sorry to let you know that we did it all live in the room (DVD & Video). Thus, no casting tape. In fact, Sarah [Michelle Gellar] originally read for the Cordelia part, and I asked Joss [Whedon] if we could have her read the Buffy part as well. She went out into the hall, looked over the lines, and came back in and won the part. As for the original pilot, it was a presentation, not a pilot, done on a reduced-budget basis — a great curiosity piece for fans, but not particularly indicative of the amazing series that Joss eventually crafted.
Los Angeles