Marg Helgenberger
Credit: CSI: Michael Yarish

As someone who obsesses daily over TV performances I love (Medium‘s Jake Weber) and loathe (Reunion‘s wooden Amanda Righetti), there’s nothing I enjoy more than finding out I’m not alone. So imagine my delight when I discovered TV Tattle‘s link to a love note written by The Boston Globe’s Matthew Gilbert to Marg Helgenberger (left), who plays CSI‘s Detective Catherine Willows.

Here’s what Gilbert has to say: ”Marg is the show’s essential bolt of rock ‘n’ roll. Exuding sex, self-confidence, and experience, she never pales beside the gaudy guts spread before her like rotting fruit at a picnic. She holds her own against even the most savage killers, shooting snide comments at them like a stripper fending off a pushy customer.” He goes on to praise the actress’s ”almost drag-queen-like fierceness” and calls her ”a worthy member of the rare group of network TV actors who do quiet battle against TV’s strong generic tendencies.”

And you know what? Gilbert’s totally right. Helgenberger brings a snap, crackle, pop to her scenes that few crime procedural worker bees possess. What about you, PopWatchers? Are you ready to join the Helgenberger love-in? Is she’s TV’s best tough cookie? Who is your unsung TV hero?

addCredit(“CSI: Michael Yarish”)