Credit: Rent: Phil Bray

No day but… wait, what year is it? EW’s Whitney Pastorek weighs in on an, ahem, inconsistency in Christopher Columbus’ film adaptation of Rent:

“We’ll skip our rant about Rent‘s mangling of New York City geography (love that Tompkins Square Park subway station), but we gotta ask: Who decided to set the movie in 1989, despite the song lyric about 1991’s Thelma & Louise? There is no future, there is no past…but, dudes, there is IMDb. Look into it.”

Okay, so we know Columbus filmed it in San Francisco and all, but it seemed like a lot of people (including EW critic Owen Gleiberman) really liked the movie.

Did you? Could you spend another 525,600 minutes with these characters or is your season of love with Rent over?

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