Nothing’s worse than reading a celebrity interview in which the subject goes to great lengths to say not very much at all. So let’s give thanks for the following four performers for their colorful comments. Only one, however, can be named Quote of the Day.

A. “Towards the end of filming, I walked into the ladies room andwent, ‘Wow, I’m not supposed to be here,’ and I walked out. Then Isaid, ‘Oh no, I am,’ and walked back in again. It took me twice beforeI said ‘Okay, I’m actually a woman,’ and walked into the ladies room.That was sort of frightening.”
Felicity Huffman, revealing to how deeply she got into character while playing a pre-op male-to-female transgendered character in Transamerica

B. “Well, I’m not all the way naked, but I’m a little bit naked.”
Marques Houston, telling about the video for his charmingly titled new single ”Sex Wit You”

C. ”I feel like pinning him down and farting in his face. We have that kind of sibling energy.” Michelle Rodriguez, talking about her Lost costar Josh Holloway in USA Today

D. ”Thank God!”
Supernatural star Jared Padalecki, after a reporter told him, ”It’s nice to know we won’t be seeing you anytime soon with [his House of Wax costar] Paris Hilton.”

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I don’t know about you guys, but for sheer shock value, I’ve got togo with C. How much do you wanna bet Holloway is steering clear ofRodriguez on the set these days?