(If you don’t like spoilers, you’d better skip this item.)

That’s because TV Tattle pointed us to an interview in the Boston Herald with Desperate Housewives‘ Marcia Cross, who disclosed the fate of her character’s creepy fiancée, George, who was abandoned by Bree after he swallowed a pills-and-booze cocktail at the end of last week’s episode. “Yes, he really is dead,” Cross said, adding she’s confident her character’s late husband, Rex, won’t be pulling a Lazarus routine, either. I have to admit: I’m not sorry to see George buy the pharm-acy. (Sorry!)

But here’s a question for you, PopWatchers: If you had the power to kill off any current primetime TV character, who would it be? I’d pick CSI: Miami‘s Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo), just because he looks too much like that other dude from regular CSI.

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