What do Mary J. Blige (left) and Carrie Underwood have in common?

Well, both ladies have new videos that feature them looking glam while chilling out in an apartment setting. In my mind, though, Blige’s is the vastly superior clip. For starters, she scores a casting coup, getting potential Oscar nominee Terrence Howard to play her love interest in ”Be Without You,” currently playing at Not sure whose idea it was to shoot the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul through a medicine cabinet, but I’m just happy Mary’s back with a single worthy of those powerful pipes, and a video that captures the highs and lows of an intense love affair. (And by the way, where can I get my hands on a cell phone like Blige’s? Nice!)

As for Underwood’s ”Jesus Take the Wheel,” playing over at Yahoo Music, it’s a half-baked concept video that doesn’t ask the singer to do much more than bend at the knees. Admittedly, the American Idol winner looks great, but what’s with the scenes showing that elderly man trying to feed his ailing wife, and the young married couple arguing over the mail? Even Underwood fans have to admit, they’re pretty random, no?

Which video do you like better? Holla back!

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