Yeah, we know everybody’s jonesin’ to see Brokeback Mountain (a.k.a. “the gay cowboy movie”) — but as Nicholas Fonseca points out in the new issue of EW (out Friday), ”more than any year in recent memory, 2005’s holiday-movie cornucopia runneth over with characters of all sexual persuasions.” Among Fonseca’s favorites? Jake and Heath’s Brokeback Mountain ranchers, natch, but also Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Capote, Felicity Huffman’s Bree in Transamerica, Val Kilmer’s Gay Perry in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, and gay Pop Idol champ Will Young as Bertie in Mrs. Henderson Presents (left).

One character who doesn’t make the cut, however, is The Family Stone‘s ”bleeding-heart son Thad Stone (Ty Giordano)” who, Fonseca notes, is saddled ”with the holy trinity of pat on-screen ‘afflictions’ that’ll get ’em talking at the dinner table: He’s gay, he’s dating a black man, and he’s deaf!” Hmmm. Sounds like that one should be Rated P for Puh-leeze!