Credit: Mr. & Mrs. Smith: Stephen Vaughn

More than just a blatant foreshadowing of offscreen romance, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s sexy on-screen playfulness brightens Mr. & Mrs. Smith, a plot-challenged story of rival assassins masquerading as a dull suburban couple. After all, ”this is a movie that, by all rights, should basically be awful,” director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity) admits in his commentary. ”And the bad version of this movie could be a career-ender.” Fortunately, charm goes a long way. EXTRAS Gossip hounds will be sorely disappointed by the three starless commentaries, in which the juiciest ”Brangelina” tidbit comes from screenwriter Simon Kinberg, who quotes Pitt as saying, ”There’s a lot of love in that movie.” The ”career-ender” Liman refers to — possibly featuring the original set-in-Italy ending with additional villains — is, unfortunately, not included. Instead, there’s the frenetic ”Making a Scene” featurette and three deleted/extended bits — one in which Vaughn’s momma’s boy hilariously adds salt to the wounds of a romantically rattled Pitt. (And, no, not by canoodling with his ex-wife.)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  • Movie
  • 112 minutes