Credit: Jim Carrey: Jennifer Graylock/AP

-Do I have to make the inevitable ”believe it or not joke”? You know what? I’m not gonna do it, people. I’m just gonna play it straight. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jim Carrey is in talks to star in Tim Burton’s biopic of Robert Ripley, the globetrotting chronicler of things freaky-deaky. Sounds like an ideal combo of actor-director-subject, no?

Jim Caviezel has joined Déjà Vu, playing a man who bombs a ferry and kills the love interest of previously announced star Denzel Washington, Variety reports. Will catatonic Caviezel cancel out Washington’s star wattage? Will my favorite Dionne Warwick lounge track make the cut as the theme song? And if these guys start working together on a regular basis, can we dub the duo Denziezel? Only time will tell.

-Finally, Disney has signed a five-year deal with megaproducer Jerry Bruckheimer. Let the big-budget, F/X spending spree begin!

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