Overheard (by my secret IM spyware) at PopWatch HQ:

Editor1 [3:53 P.M.]:
So, what’s up with Julie Andrews saying that Cameron Diaz (left) should play Maria in a Sound of Music remake? I just don’t see it.

Editor2 [3:55 P.M.]: Shouldn’t Maria be able to sing???

Editor1 [3:56 P.M.]: Right — and we know Cameron can’t sing from My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Editor2 [3:57 P.M.]: Is this because they were both in Shrek 2? I mean Julie did play her mother, so maybe this is nepotism!!

Editor1 [3:59 P.M.]: Hollywood is a big incestuous hotbed of non-singers!

Editor1 [3:59 P.M.]: How about Kate Beckinsale? Or Winona Ryder? I see this as Winona’s comeback movie.

Editor2 [4:00 P.M.]: How ’bout… nobody? Why even do a remake? I must admit, I saw The Sound of Music on Broadway and nothing will live up to the original movie.

Editor1 [4:00 P.M.]: Agreed. The original rocks! But still…

Editor1 [4:01 P.M.]: I’m seeing Haley Joel Osment as the Nazi boyfriend.

Editor2 [4:02 P.M.]: Oh! I think Haley got cute. Or was it was the kid from Jerry Maguire?

Editor2 [4:02 P.M.]: So, we’re in agreement. No remake?

Editor1 [4:02 P.M.]: No remake! Nobody could do it better than Julie Andrews. She rocked in that movie!

I’m seeing Hugh Jackman as the dad and one of the Olsens as Lisl von Trapp.

What do you think? Would you like to see a Sound of Music remake? And if so, who is your dream Maria?

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