Okay, Grey’s Anatomy fans. Never let it be said that I haven’t heard your plaintive cries on the Desperate Housewives message boards, begging for a place to discuss the totally addictive, Seattle-set medical dramedy. And while I’m afraid there’s not enough Diet Coke in the world to get me through two full TV Watches in one evening, this week marks the debut of our weekly Grey’s Anatomy forum, where PopWatchers can weigh in on their favorite scene from the previous night’s episode. I’m throwing my weight behind the moment where Cristina (Sandra Oh, left) takes neat-freak Dr. Burke (Isaiah Washington) to her pigsty apartment. How can one actress be so acerbically funny and yet so heartbreakingly vulnerable at the same time? Is it too early to give Oh the Emmy? And is the scary chemistry between her and Washington putting my TV set at risk of spontaneous combustion? Holla back!

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