With all the romance reality shows out there, it’s hard to keep track of the marital status of every Outback Jack and Joe Millionaire. But here at PopWatch we’re determined to keep you in the know. Remember that guilty pleasure Paradise Hotel, where good-looking contestants had to hook up — or else? Yeah? Well, remember Dave Kerpen, the guy uncharitably dubbed “Man Boobs” after he removed his shirt? Well, today he’s all growed up and headed down the aisle. Or rather around the bases. Kerpen and his fiancée, Carrie Fisher (no, not Princess Leia) will tie the knot in July on the field immediately following the Brooklyn Cyclones game. Well-wishers may apparently just buy a ticket for the game, or if you have a Bar Mitzvah at Giants Stadium that day, please, the least you can do is send them a fondue set off the registry.