Okay, so I had the long weekend to mourn the death of Alias, which will conclude a five-season run in May, and you know what? I’m pretty much okay with ABC’s decision. I mean, it’s a telling sign that I’ve got a four-episode backlog stored on my DVR, whereas during its breathtaking first two seasons, I wouldn’t have dreamed of putting Alias off that long. Sometimes, good things need to come to an end while we’ve still got a deep affection for ’em.

On that note, PopWatchers, do you have a favorite Alias moment? For me, it’s a toss-up between the pilot episode sequence in which Syd, sporting toxic-red hair, retrieves the prototype for SD-6 to the strains of Sinead O’Connor’s ”No Man’s Woman,” or perhaps the bone-crushing battle between our heroine and Evil Francie at the end of Season 2. Then again, I could also nominate the time Sydney parachuted into a cocktail party, tossed aside her flight gear, and emerged radiant in a black lace cocktail dress.

Good times, people, good times. What’s your pick?