Credit: American Beauty: Photofest

It’s funny.

When the PopWatch Bullies sent me this question, I thought: Brilliant. Concise. Specific. Funny. Love it. So it’s interesting how much the responses varied.

So what do American Beauty, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, A Fish Called Wanda, Jarhead, and Varsity Blues have in common? They all feature scenes in which a character’s nudity is creatively concealed.

The answers fell into two camps.

addCredit(“American Beauty: Photofest”)

The first camp I’ll call, let’s see… Correct. They knew that Mena Suvari wore only rose petals in American Beauty (above), Mike Myers and Elizabeth Hurley hid behind strategically placed balloons and melons in Austin Powers, John Cleese took refuge behind a picture of a proper English lady in Wanda, Jake Gyllenhaal dons a Santa hat on his little soldier in Jarhead, and Ali Larter went totally porno in Varsity Blues with a whipped-cream bikini.

So, much love to (note: mostly pervy males):
N’Jeri Eaton
Walter Gomez
David Lankford
Craig D. Lindsey
Jordan Macadangdang
John Niles
Josh Vogel
Richard Vu
Danny Williams

The second camp I’ll call… Not So Much. Their answers all includedsome variation on the theme of male nudity. Which is funny because Itotally forgot that Kevin Spacey bares all in Beauty and Scott Caan moons the cam in Varsity. So while technically this couldbe the answer, it’s not. (To which I say: How could you forget thewhipped-cream bikini?!) But considering how high the wild guesspercentage was this week, they deserve some credit, don’t they?

Amanda Burns
Connie L. Chilton
Andrew Keenan
J.D. Sivert
Evan T. Struble
Patrick A. Yearout

Good job, children — stay tuned for more fun Friday!