What not to miss in Music, Books, Games... -- We look at the latest releases from Queens of the Stone Age, Lady Sovereign, and more

By Gary Eng Walk
Updated November 25, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST


OVER THE YEARS AND THROUGH THE WOODS Queens of the Stone Age fuzz it out in London for this three-and-a-half-hour — oh, hell yes — concert DVD, complete with artsy camera angles and behind-the-scenes footage. But can your puny TV speakers truly capture the band’s ear-splitting guitar jam? Not really. Thank God they’ve thrown in a live CD. (Out now)


ELIZABETH PEYTON American artist Peyton once confessed, ”I can’t paint just anybody.” Which is a good thing, since she tends to gravitate toward more glamorized types deserving of her dreamy treatment: troubled rockers (Pete Doherty, Kurt Cobain), indie darlings (Beck, Meg White), and arbiters of cool (Andre 3000, Chloë Sevigny). Though photo-based, the resulting portraits are eerily intimate — and as close as you’re likely to get to these stars. (Out now)


ECLECTIC BOOGALOO Continent-jumping DJ Gilles Peterson slows his house-music-thumping roll with two smoothed-out releases. The BBC Sessions is an eclectic two-disc set packed with live performances from the likes of N.E.R.D. and Björk — all visitors to Peterson’s plum British radio gig, Worldwide. Too mainstream? Then sample awesome ’70s soul-jazz tracks on Gilles Peterson Digs America, a peek inside his massive collection of rare vinyl. (Both out now)

FABRICLIVE 24 Like a booty-bass pied piper, Diplo (better known as beau/ producer of M.I.A.) brings out the cool kids wherever he goes. On this mix CD, the DJ keeps things random with segues from unlikely, diverse sources. And it’s a neat trick when the Cure brush shoulders with OutKast, who fade into alt-fems Le Tigre. (Out Dec. 6)


VERTICALLY CHALLENGED EP ”I’m not gonna lie — I had nothing to do,” admits 5’1” Londoner Lady Sovereign on her inspiration to start penning some of the most wicked rhymes this side of Eminem. Rarely has simple boredom birthed such unbridled brilliance. A star of England’s rambunctious grime scene, the 19-year-old Sov brings a hefty helping of crazed, Missy Elliott-style originality with her head-spinning U.S. debut. Jay-Z, by the way, is already a fan. (Out now)


SOUNDSPEAKER A music system that shakes walls is impressive but not much fun to play with. Enter Jason Siu’s speaker family, which melds toy and technology to create a three-inch action figure you can hear. The Hong Kong-based artist offers 10 selections, dressed as everything from a hip-hopper to an army dude. G.I. Joe is gonna be mute with envy. (Jasonsiu.com; out now)


THE MATRIX: PATH OF NEO (Atari; PS2/Xbox/PC; Teen) Grouchy Matrix fans still seething over the two middling games that followed the disappointing sequels should give this title a chance. Not only do you get to play Neo for the first time (finally!), the Wachowski brothers also took a mulligan on the confounding movie ending by replacing it with a new finale, punctuated by one last hellacious battle?and a surreal appearance by the reclusive duo themselves. (Out now)