Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

Letters from our readers

‘Fire’ Walk With Me

My heart gave a leap the moment I glimpsed Daniel Radcliffe’s sapphire eyes glinting at me from the cover of your magazine! I was happy to read in your Harry Potter article (”Things Are Getting Harry”) that although Radcliffe may be rich and famous, he’s also a normal, down-to-earth teen. He seems to care about other people, including his fans. I think that if all celebrities followed his example, Hollywood would be a much better place. Thanks for the brilliant view of him and the new movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Breckenridge, Minn.

It was a normal day: wake up, school, homework, get home late. Then I walk in and my dad hands me three pieces of mail. First my report card with all A+’s; I smile and he congratulates me. Next was an acceptance letter from the University of Hawaii; my dad hugs me. And last was your magazine, with Daniel Radcliffe on the cover. It was at that moment that I got most excited. So my dad says, ”That’s really exciting, good job with the grades and college letter.” ”Those?” I said. ”I’m excited because Harry’s on the cover of EW!” I guess that wasn’t the response he had expected.
Magnolia, Tex.

Love what you do and all. But please stop putting Harry Potter on the cover. I know the Lord of the Rings nerds need something new to get excited about nowadays, and the obsessed 12-year-old HP fanatics need material to plaster their walls with, but I’d rather see an article about Veronica Mars.
Scarborough, Ontario

Dirty Words

I’m enjoying the article on Sarah Silverman (”Ball Buster”) when?boom?there it is: ”If she hopes to widen her audience to include the kinds of red-state folks who regularly tune in to Jay or Dave, she might just have to tone down her material….” If it were the first shot at red-staters in EW, I probably wouldn’t have reacted, but it happens all too frequently and raises the questions: Just who exactly do your writers presume red-staters to be and would you prefer that we not subscribe to your magazine? I subscribe to EW to find out about things that are worth searching out. Not because we’re all such idiots but because in any rural area, red or blessed blue, you’re going to get a lot of blockbusters and have to look hard to find Good Night, and Good Luck. I expect slams when I read a publication like Vanity Fair and I’m prepared. But in EW, it stings.
Griffin, Ga.

I had never heard of Sarah Silverman before I read your article. Now I hope I never hear about her again. Just because a woman can show disrespect does not make her funny. Jerry Lewis may not be right about women not being funny, but maybe he was just talking about Silverman.
Henderson, Tenn.