EW talks with the rock stars of ''Gilmore Girls'' -- We chat with Joel Gion and Sebastian Bach about their recent appearance on the WB show

Who loves hirsute rockers? We do! So imagine our joy when the Nov. 22 episode of Gilmore Girls teamed up ex-Brian Jonestown Massacre tambourine player Joel Gion with ex-Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach (a regular in Gilmore‘s fake band Hep Alien) for a parody of the 2004 Sundance-winning documentary DiG! A couple weeks after the shoot (reenacting the film’s Viper Room fight scene between BJM and fellow indie popsters the Dandy Warhols), the pair reminisced… about a lot of things.

Gilmore Girls is known for its obscure references. Joel, had you seen the show?

GION I knew Dan [Palladino, Gilmore‘s executive producer] had written some of Family Guy, which I’m a fan of, so I thought, Oh yeah, that’ll be fun.

Sebastian, had you seen DiG!?

BACH Absolutely! I have the Sundance Channel. I lived kind of my own DiG! about 20 years ago, jumpin’ into the crowd and beatin’ the hell out of people.

GION You sure did, my brother.

BACH After we filmed, Joel and I commiserated about that in my trailer over a couple bottles of red wine. And we discussed his budding movie prospects. He’s totally hilarious and a scene- stealer, if I do say so myself.

GION Right on, my brother. We gotta get this together, man. The new Martin and Lewis!

BACH My leg’s still screwed up from our episode.

GION Sorry to hear that, man!

What happened?

BACH I was all excited to re-create the fight from DiG! And I was like, I don’t need no stuntman, dude! And I tore a bunch of ligaments in my left knee. It’s rock & roll. It’s okay. I’m on Motrin.

You’re both known for your hair — Sebastian, for your long locks, and Joel, for your sideburns…

GION We’re the Planet of the Hairdo Apes!

BACH Good one!

You were both in hard-partying bands…

GION Oh, no [groaning].

BACH I think I need a couple more pages for my party stories.

Joel, did Brian Jonestown learn anything from the hair metal era about how to party?

GION Just to up the doses, man.

BACH Killer!