EW reviews Microsoft's Xbox 360 -- We look at the video game giant's new gaming system

By Wook Kim
November 25, 2005 at 05:00 AM EST

EW reviews Microsoft’s Xbox 360

We spent some time playing with Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which went on sale this past Tuesday. The first of the next generation of videogame consoles, the high-def-ready 360 is an impressive feat of technological Darwinism (and lotsa intelligent design), doubling as a multimedia hub capable of handling music, photos, and DVDs. As is often the case, the launch titles are a mixed bag. A few games, including Peter Jackson’s King Kong and the WWII-themed Call of Duty 2, look great (you can practically smell the gunpowder when playing on an HDTV set); others seem more Xbox 1.5 than 2.0. But we loved the new controllers and the enhancements to Microsoft’s already solid online gaming service. B With HDTV: B+