Credit: Rent: Phil Bray

In the words made famous by disco diva Gwen Guthrie, ”there ain’t nothin’ goin’ on but the rent.” And while a trip to your local multiplex will prove that’s not exactly true — Syriana, Just Friends, and The Ice Harvest all open today, too — the film adaptation of Rent (left), Jonathan Larson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway musical gave critics across the country the best opportunity to work their headline magic. Which one is your favorite?

‘Rent’ checks…and balances

The Mercury News: This “Rent” is already spent

Des Moines Register: ‘Rent’ skips out on promise

Lexington Leader-Herald: Remodeling can’t raise ‘Rent’

Philadelphia Inquirer: Musical more than pays its way

Arizona Republic: ‘Rent’ pays off by staying true to the Broadway musical

Globe and Mail: Back rent owed to rock videos

Contra Costa Times: ‘Rent’ could do with new landlord

But how’s the view?

San Bernardino County Sun: Life in the low-‘Rent’ district

The New York Times: New Tenants in Tinseltown

San Diego Union Tribune: Lively new lease on life for ‘Rent’

Denver Post: ‘Rent,’ the movie, barely leases our emotions

Casting their votes

Asbury Park Press: Big-screen ‘Rent’ benefits from great casting

Hollywood Reporter: ‘Rent’ veterans turn musical into lively movie

The Seattle Times: Aging cast, fussy sets make “Rent” long overdue

Detroit Free Press: Back to the Big Apple: Original ‘Rent’ castmates too old to be believable as New York squatters

Center stage

New York Daily News: ‘Rent’ can’t dance around it: Film version’s too theatrical

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle: ‘Rent’ works as a movie, too

Akron Beacon Journal: Story’s liberation from stage has pluses, minuses

Hartford Courant: ‘Rent’ Retains Power Of Play A Decade Later

Interesting composition

Star Tribune: ‘Rent’ is a floperetta

Boston Globe: Bohemian Atrophy

Saint Petersburg Times: The musical, the madcap and the muddled

Charlotte Observer: Musical ‘Rent’ rocks on screen

Press Telegram: ‘Rent’ just doesn’t sing

‘Tis the season

Star-Telegram: The fowlest of ’em all: ‘Rent,’ one of the worst movies of the year, leads a pack of Thanksgiving turkeys

Kansas City Star: Have a heavy Thanksgiving

Where’s the pun at?

NBC 5: ‘Rent’ Exuberant Celebration Of Life Against All Odds

Salt Lake Tribune: It’s a decade too late for movie version of ‘Rent’

New York Sun: No Day but Today

Unlikely inspiration

Los Angeles CityBeat: ‘Rent’ a Wreck