Credit: Las Vegas: Mitch Haaseth

Yeah, I know, Arrested Development won’t be back on the air till December, but that doesn’t mean last night’s Monday-night sweeps schedule wasn’t packed with jaw-droppers. (If you taped Prison Break, Medium, or Las Vegas and don’t like spoilers, quit reading now.)

Which was the highlight for you?

-On Las Vegas, Lara Flynn Boyle’s dragon lady Monica Mancuso (left) was up on the roof of the Montecito laying into Danny and wearing what looked like some kind of skydiving outfit, when (apparently) a strong gust of wind picked her up, lifted her horizontally, and hurled her to her imminent death. In a word: Huh?

-On Prison Break, the criminal life of John Abruzzi (Peter Stormare) came to an end when creep-tastic T-Bag pulled a blade from inside his mouth and slit Abruzzi’s throat. (Seriously, how does one keep a blade alongside the tender gums without cutting ’em something awful? Not that I want to try it or anything.) Anyhow, I’m assuming the tough guy won’t be back next week, based on the copious amount of blood he spilled.

-And on Medium, a heavily hyped 3-D episode captured a particularly cool moment in which a meat cleaver was hurled into a woman’s back. I have to say, even though I had a hard time paying attention to the dialogue whenever the 3-D logo flashed and I had to put on my groovy red-and-blue glasses, the somewhat special effects made my night. Or maybe it was just the typically great performances by Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber.

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