Oprah Winfrey
Credit: Oprah Winfrey: Luis Martinez/

That shrieking and joyful sobbing you hear in the distance is probably just the aftershocks of yesterday’s Oprah’s Favorite Things episode, during which UGG boots, Ralph Lauren sweaters (natch), and ”Philip! Stein! Teslar! Diamond! Watches!” were distributed to near-rapturous audience members. (I ought to mention these folks were deserving, too, since all of ’em were Hurricane Katrina relief workers). The whole scene played out like an SNL parody, minus the exploding heads and makeout sessions between soccer moms.

That said, Oprah’s generosity yesterday extended beyond doling out ”Burrrr-berry coats!”, as she also granted late night host David Letterman’s wish by agreeing to appear on his Dec. 1 show; it’s something he’s been publicly begging for since Oprah told Time magazine in 2003 that she wouldn’t sit down with Letterman again because she didn’t like being ”the butt of his jokes.” Not to worry, though, Oprah’s getting something out of the arrangement too; the Broadway version of The Color Purple that she’s producing has its red-carpet premiere the same night as her Letterman appearance. I don’t know about you, but this has me more excited than “oatmeal cookie dough from Fox and Obel Maaaarket!”

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