Roger Ebert, Oprah Winfrey
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Wondering what Roger Ebert’s now-famous date with Oprah was like? Ebert tells his side of the story here.

Alas, he’s too much of a gentleman to reveal much about the date (actually, he says, it was two dates), or why they didn’t continue to see each other, or what movie they saw. He does say that the famous meal in which he advised her about syndication took place at Hamburger Hamlet (but what did you two order, Rog?), and that his vaunted advice merely consisted of doing the math to suggest which of two syndication deals she was mulling would be more lucrative.

In other words, Oprah was going to be a nationwide TV icon no matter what Ebert said over dinner, but he did have the good sense to point out the obvious superiority of the deal she eventually went with. Oh well, if he won’t dish, at least he provides a priceless photo of the two of them 20 years ago (above, cohosting the Chicago Emmys in 1986), a picture that’s as reassuringly dorky as your high school yearbook photo or mine.

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