Is Ashton Kutcher the new Aaron Spelling? We’ve lost count of how many TV production deals he’s landed. The latest is an NBC series called For Pete’s Sake, a workplace comedy about reincarnation. The same five people become office mates over and over in successive lives, as St. Peter keeps sending them all back until they get it right.

In Kutcher’s cosmos, celebrities automatically get into Heaven, while in real life, they just spend a lot of time in the executive suite. He’s also producing a Fox sitcom called 30 Year-Old Grandpa, an apparently autobiographical show about a young man who marries an older woman with nearly grown kids. For the WB, he’s producing Amazing Race spoof Fountain of Youth. Plus, there’s his ongoing series Beauty and the Geek and Punk’d, his occasional appearances on That ’70s Show, and movie roles like the one in the soon-to-shoot The Guardian, where he’ll play a Coast Guard ocean-rescue swimmer mentored by Kevin Costner. Guess someone’s gotta earn the dollars to keep Demi and the three girls in the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed.

In other TV news, there are apparently no hard feelings between ABC and ousted Commander in Chief chief Rod Lurie. The network is buying from him a drama series called Triumph, about an 18-year-old youth who becomes mayor of a medium-sized town. Lurie says he came up with the idea long before 18-year-olds were elected mayor this month in Hillsdale, Mich., and Linesville, Pa. Hey, if a 27-year-old can run an increasingly major TV production house while acting in sitcoms and movies, an 18-year-old can run a modest-sized town.

addCredit(“Ashton Kutcher: Lee Celano/Reuters”)