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I’m not one to wring my hands and complain that TV is too violent. You don’t want to see a half-dozen teenagers get shot execution-style by a serial killer with daddy issues, then switch off CSI: New York and flip over to HGTV, where the only carnage you’ll find is in the chunder-worthy color palettes selected by hapless homeowners. Still, it’s interesting that a study by the Parents Television Council found 63 corpses on the six main U.S. networks during one week of primetime this fall, compared to 27 in the same period in 2004. PTC research director Melissa Caldwell says TV violence isn’t getting its fair share of headlines, thanks to its frequent partner, TV sex, hogging the limelight. Does she have a point? Is the brutality and bloodshed found on CSI (starring William L. Petersen and Marg Helgenberger, left) and its crime-procedural brethren spiraling out of control? Or is it all just a part of good, honest storytelling, as Fox entertainment president Peter Liguori explains the trend to BBC News?

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