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Amy Poehler, Saturday Night Live
Credit: Amy Poehler: Dana Edelson

Performers who could be a major movie star

Is there a performer you believe could be a major movie star who hasn’t, thus far, been thought of that way? —Andrea
How about Amy Poehler? The women of Saturday Night Live have frequently outdazzled the men, but if you listed all the movie stars to have emerged from SNL (Chase, Aykroyd, Murray, Murphy, Sandler, Myers, Ferrell), you realize how male-centric the big-screen comedy universe is. Poehler is a brilliantly inventive sketch comedian, but she also has the look and spirit of a modern-day Carole Lombard, with an adorable devil grin that lifts her into real beauty. Given the right project, she has the potential to be a memorable romantic-comedy star: a whip-smart pixie who gives as good as she gets. Poehler now has several movies in the works (including a Tenacious D flick with Jack Black), but here’s hoping she finds the right filmmaker to bottle her zest.

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