Why celebrities are suddenly into candles -- We look at why the stars are shelling out for soy-based scents

We have the perfect holiday present for Entourage‘s Ari Gold: Soy wax candles from the L.A.-based A Scent of Scandal are lighting a fire under Hollywood types who dig the industry series’ cheeky names and scents. Casting Couch smells like leather, Writer/Masochist smells like bitters (yeah, you’re telling us), and Director/Dominatrix smells like thyme. Cameron Diaz and Sheryl Crow are among the fans of the collection, which will make an appearance on The L Word next season and is sold at L.A.’s trendy Kitson boutique for $15. ”At least half the names have come from my sister’s warped brain,” says co-creator Ari Solomon. ”We were just hoping people got our crazy humor, and they have.” Hey, as long as we don’t have to sniff a Starlet/Hooker version, we’re happy.