Taking the temperature of pop culture -- We rate the hottest and coldest in entertainment

100F U.S. version of Pride & Prejudice longer and mushier than U.K.’s; Austenites enraged, audiences happy.

80F She held on to her Burberry contract. Johnny Depp’s defending her. Kate Moss is back. Let’s party!

60F But can they encase your monitor in wood? Classic TV like Wonder Woman and Kung Fu to be streamed on AOL.

40F Dateline NBC John Lennon doc reprises tasteless interview with his murderer. We’re appalled! (But we’ll be watching.)

20F Bruce Willis, in character nearly 20 years post-Die Hard, pledges $1M for the capture of al-Qaeda leaders.

0F Tabloid says Paris Hilton’s monkey, Baby Luv, attacked her face — then she dropped $4K on bras.