November 18, 2005 at 09:13 PM EST

The elements of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire made for a strange brew among today’s headline writers. How to mix light puns on the words in the title with the film’s dark take on sorcery and adolescence? Some Muggle movie critics came up with less than magical combinations; others were witty in their unexpected references to other works; at least one reviewer seemed to confuse Harry with a certain cereal-loving leprechaun. All aboard the Hogwarts Headline Express:

‘Fire’ Works
South Mississippi Sun Herald: ‘Goblet of Fire’ burns brightly
Edmonton Sun: Potter gets hotter
Minneapolis Star Tribune: ‘Goblet of Fire’ brews a hotter Harry Potter
Christian Science Monitor: ‘Goblet’ is a sure-fire hit
USA Today: Harry and gang stoke fantasy of ‘Fire’
New York Newsday: Harry’s new trial by ‘Fire’
Dallas Observer: ‘Fire’ flies
The Tufts Daily (Tufts Univ.): Come on baby, light my ‘Goblet of Fire’

How full is it?
Baltimore Sun: The goblet’s half full
Ottawa Sun: This Goblet’s more than half full
Charlotte Observer: Potter’s ‘Goblet’ not quite full
Long Beach (Ca.) Press Telegram: This ‘Goblet’ overflows with teen angst

A toast
Cleveland Plain Dealer: Raise a goblet to the best film of the Harry Potter series so far
Boston Phoenix: Lift your glass
Kansas City Star: Drink it in

Not Hog-wild
Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader: The book is better
Portland (Ore.) Mercury: Harry Potter and the Okay Movie

Growing pains
Philadelphia Inquirer: Harry vs. puberty, Voldemort
Philadelphia Daily News: The latest ‘Potter’ is Hogwarts on hormones
Houston Chronicle: Things get hairy in the fourth installment
Corvallis (Ore.) Gazette-Times: A ‘Goblet’ full of growth
The State (S.C.): Less whiz-bang, more angst

Charmed life
Calgary Sun: Potter casts a magical spell
Akron Beacon Journal: Another spellbinder
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Coming of age ‘Potter’ is magically delicious

Harry Potter and the Unlikely Allusion
Cin Weekly (Cincinnati): Wizard, interrupted
Fort Worth Weekly: His Dark Materials
Village Voice: Gang of Four: Get witch or die trying: Dense and extremely weird, ‘Goblet’ has no drinking problems
New York Post: Welcome Back, Potter
Salt Lake City Weekly: Spells like teen spirit
L.A. Weekly: Four wizards and a funeral

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