The misguided style of VH1's ''But Can They Sing'' -- We tell you why some contestants might be dressing with their eyes shut

VH1 might want to increase the security presence on its new reality competition But Can They Sing? It appears that celeb warblers Antonio Sabato Jr. and One Tree Hill‘s Michael Copon seem to be paranoid about pickpockets. How else to explain the edgy-maybe-in-1994 wallet chains attached to half of the male performers on the Nov. 6 show? We expect fellow contestant and Fashionista of Crazyland Bai Ling to be in questionable garb, but this sad attempt at instant street cred is, in addition to being dated, bizarrely random. Note to offending stylist: If recycling justifiably heinous fashion trends is your thing, may we respectfully request that you steer clear of spandex?