Test your knowledge of the year that brought us Kelly Clarkson, Norah Jones and Lance Bass in space ... almost

Just three years ago, Lance Bass missed out on a trip to space, Kelly Clarkson wowed voters (and Simon Cowell) to become AI‘s first winner, and Nelly got us all ”hot in herre” (and made Band-Aids an unlikely fashion accessory). What other pop-culture moments do you remember from 2002?

1 In Spider-Man, Peter Parker enters a shady wrestling competition soon after he learns of his strange new powers. What not-very-catchy name does he give himself?

2 Singer-songwriter Norah Jones, who took home five Grammys with her breakout debut, Come Away With Me, is the daughter of what equally accomplished musician and onetime Beatles guru?

3 ‘N Syncer Lance Bass had to give up his dreams of spaceflight after he was unable to pay Russian officials how much money to hitch a ride on one of their rockets?

4 The male reproductive organs from which of these animals were NOT consumed by some unlucky contestants on an episode of Fear Factor?

A Bull
B Water Buffalo
C Bear
D Elk

5 At a coffee-table-busting 1,167 pages, Master of the Senate is the third volume of Robert A. Caro’s highly regarded biography of what seminal ’60s-era political figure?

6 What song did American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson sing in the show’s season finale that also became her first single?

7 In the first installment of Fox’s thankfully short-lived series Celebrity Boxing, bad-girl skater Tonya Harding traded blows with what infamous presidential accuser?

8 After Ralph Cifaretto (Joe Pantoliano) was gruesomely dispatched by an irate Tony in The Sopranos, his detached head was unceremoniously stashed in what kind of container?

9 In Nelly’s near-inescapable summer anthem ”Hot in Herre,” he’s looking for the ”right time to flash” what?

10 Which of these shows won the 2002 Emmy for best reality TV program?

A Taxicab Confessions
B The Osbournes
C Project Greenlight
D American High


1. The Human Spider; 2. Ravi Shankar; 3. $20 million; 4. C. Bear; 5. Lyndon Johnson; 6. ”A Moment Like This”; 7. Paula Jones; 8. A bowling bag; 9. ”Them keys”; 10. B. The Osbournes