Adam Corolla's home renovation -- The ex-''Man Show'' host tells us how he prepared for his TLC construction show

In the world of Adam Carolla, there are far more pressing things to talk about than his imminent takeover for Howard Stern on the West Coast (happening Jan. 3) — like when and where to use R-13 versus R-19 insulation. See, construction — not Hooters waitresses — is the ex-Man Show host’s first passion, which is why he feels so at home on TLC’s The Adam Carolla Project (Tuesdays, 10 p.m.). Of course, he is at home: The show has him and his friends renovating his childhood house. ”I’m not some poser with this stuff,” insists Carolla, who used to pound nails for a living. But don’t call him handy. ”Being called a handyman is an insult to me. I’m a journeyman,” he says. ”A handyman takes out a broken lightbulb with half of a potato. I build houses.” All right, then…journeyman Adam Carolla also hosts a Comedy Central talk show, Too Late With Adam Carolla (Mondays-Thursdays, 12 a.m.), and he’s taking over Stern’s high-profile berth on Infinity Radio. ”It doesn’t feel daunting to me. I’m not sure why,” says Carolla, who promises his show won’t be much different from Stern’s. ”All I’m trying to accomplish in life is getting a paycheck and putting out a decent product. I’m not trying to get on the cover of tabloids or get mobbed at the mall.”