Bill Murray, Caddyshack
Credit: Caddyshack: The Kobal Collection

Fans of Seabiscuit might say ”neigh,” but the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (on newsstands Friday) lists the 30 best sports-movie DVDs of all time. Here are the top-10 all-stars:

1. Raging Bull
2. Caddyshack (left)
3. Hoosiers
4. Rocky
5. Bull Durham
6. Million Dollar Baby
7. Breaking Away
8. The Bad News Bears
9. Friday Night Lights
10. Slap Shot

Team EW compiled the list based on the movies themselves, and the attractiveness of their DVD extras. They also made separate lists of their favorite sports documentaries (Pumping Iron, Hoop Dreams), the most overrated sports films (including Chariots of Fire, The Natural, and Jerry Maguire), and movies about unorthodox “sports” (Spellbound?!).

Okay, opinionated PopWatchers, I’m going to slowly back away to the sidelines and let y’all duke it out. On your marks, get set, go!

What are your favorite sports movies on DVD?

(Click here to see the complete list of 30 and tell us which movies we forgot.)