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Credit: Fun with Dick and Jane: Ralph Nelson

Why we can’t wait to see ”Fun With Dick and Jane”


WHY WE CAN’T WAIT Jim Carrey, in pure funny mode, is always welcome, and light-comedian extraordinaire Téa Leoni should be able to keep up with him just fine.

THE PREMISE Yuppie couple Carrey and Leoni (pictured), ruined by the financial collapse of an Enron-like company, turn to armed robbery to maintain their cushy lifestyle.

SOURCE The 1977 comedy written by David Giler, Jerry Belson, and Mordecai Richler, based on the novel by Gerald Gaiser

THE BACK STORY Don’t remember the original movie, starring Jane Fonda and George Segal? ”That’s a good thing!” says the director of the remake, Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest). ”The other was a social satire very much a part of the ’70s. What intrigued me the most was how this couple’s plight would play out now, at the beginning of the 21st century.”

BURNING QUESTION The movie mixes thought-provoking social satire with slapstick farce — but do holiday comedy audiences really want to, like, think?

COME FOR Bumbling thieves Carrey and Leoni

STAY FOR Scene-stealer Alec Baldwin, as Carrey’s embezzling boss

Fun With Dick and Jane (Movie - 2005)
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