The sleuths here at PopWatch HQ were mystified by this item. It came in a box by itself, without a letter of explanation — or anything else. All that was inside was this bra, emblazoned with the phrase ”On December 6, seeing is believing.” Dec. 6 is, of course, the release date for the Fantastic Four DVD. Still, the mystery persisted.

Was this Jessica Alba’s bra? Were panties supposed to come with it? And why, when we went to photograph it for this page, did it suddenly disappear? Had Invisible Girl actually put it on and walked off with it? One office wag claimed to be missing a thong from the Batman Begins DVD; had the two superheroic undergarments flown off together? Finally, the bra turned up, but with nothing to say about any feats of heroism it might have performed while it was away. I’m just glad the publicists were promoting Alba’s presence in the film and not that of Chris Evans, or they might have sent us a flaming Speedo.

addCredit(“Bra: Katy Caldwell”)