Robert De Niro
Credit: Robert Deniro: Djamilla Rosa Cochran/

-Stop the presses! Robert De Niro (left) has signed on for his next film role and — wait for it — he’s going to play a retired Mafia hitman with a price on his head in an adaptation of Don Winslow’s forthcoming novel The Winter of Frankie Machine, according to Variety.

-Apparently, all that acclaim Amy Adams received for her performance in this summer’s Junebug is translating into leading roles: She’s been cast as a princess in Disney’s Enchanted, a mix of live action and CG animation, in which her character is banished from a cartoon world and sent to modern-day Manhattan.

-I know it’s wrong that this bit of movie news excites me, but after getting hilariously killed off in the original Scary Movie, Carmen Electra is back on board for Scary Movie 4 (a spoof of The Village, according to the Hollywood Reporter). Also coming on board are Leslie Nielsen and Simon Rex.

-And somehow, Mandy Moore keeps getting movie roles. (I just don’t care for her; sorry “Candy” fans.) Variety reports that Moore will play the daughter of matchmaking-minded Diane Keaton in Because I Said So.

Anyone care to share their thoughts on the above casting news? Surely I’m not the only opinionated beast in the woods today, am I?

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